Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Fall Jam(s): Jo Malone's Blackberry & Bay

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Jo Malone's fragrances hold a special place in my heart. Her Orange Blossom was my first actual "niche fragrance" purchase, and my sister and I always thinks that it smells like The Farm. (The Farm being where my paternal grandparents lived - it wasn't an actual working farm, but it was very farm-esque.) Blackberry and Bay takes me back to The Farm.

I am a berry girl! Give me a berry, I will like it!! This goes for eating and fragrance as well! There were no blackberry brambles my Granny and Grandpa lived, but there was a mulberry bush. I loved that thing! I was sit under that bush reading (mostly Babysitter's Club books) and picking the bush clean of its' berries. I would litterally be caught red handed - ok maybe a bit more like merlot handed - when I would go back in the house. The mixture of the barely sweetened jewel like berries plus the smell of the grass and leaves, with a hint of earthen dust from the drive up to the house the the bush was right next for me...that's what Blackberry and Bay evokes in my mind.

There's something to be said about the lack of staying power of the JM's, but I must say...for being light and "fruity" Blackberry & Bay can be pretty tenatious. Most of the berry-laden scents that I love, tend to seam just a little silly in the Fall, and that's where I think Bb&B (NOT to be confused with Bed Bath & Beyond) really comes into play. It's a Fall berry! The bay tamps down on the sweetness and gives it a cozy feeling without taking it into "warm" territory. The kind of thing that makes you want to pull on a cozy sweater and take a walk in the crisp Fall air.

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  1. So weird. When I tried this I felt that it had no lasting power at all. I need to go back and try it again to see if I get different results. I might even decide to get it because I could carry it around and reapply.

    I totally agree that it is a fall or harvest berry. Smells spicy but still fresh. It's a really cool perfume.

    1. I mean, it's not a longevity monster, but for a Jo Malone - it's tenacious. I'm very tempted by the candle.