Friday, September 7, 2012

Smelly Birthday To Me! (In Pictures)

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My birthday has come and gone! Well, I will be going out with the husband and a small group of friends to drink at Drink on Saturday evening. My gift from my Mom will be making it's public debut that evening!

Let's rewind a bit. (Now granted, this blog is about perfume and birthdays; more birthdays than perfume, so it you have no interesting in my personal elsewhere today!) I F-ING LOVE BIRTHDAYS!!!! Actually, the husband does a pretty good job explaining it in a recent blog post.

Since this is my 5th and final time turning 30, you know...I've got to really do it up right! Before the festivities even really began, something AWESOME happened. Food Network's Alton Brown freaking drew me a manta ray!!! I'm such a big nerd, Good Eats totally appeals to me and I really enjoy following him on twitter. Sometimes he responds to questions and requests on little Post-Its. can see for yourself...

The headliner of Birthday-palooza was the Madonna concert at the Garden. Al had gotten me those tickets FOREVER ago. Seeing as that he's not exactly Madonna's target demographic, and wanted me to actually have FUN at the concert, I look Reed Making Warrior. We had a blast! Perfume wise it was all about Andy Tauer's sweetly vampish Une Rose Vermeille. Enjoy a few pictures from the concert...

I am a very happy person! Madonna is the one pop artists that I've always REALLY wanted to see perform. This summer has been AMAZING concert-wise, and I've still got Dropkick Murphys and Ben Folds Five to carry me into fall.

I was a little weird about having to work on my actual birthday. (Yes, go ahead judge me, whatever.) But it was great! I heard from everyone that I hold near and dear in my life through some form of communication & I had some really great customers at work. How did I fragrance myself on the big three-four? With my beloved Liaisons Dangereuses of coarse!

Enjoy a little journey through my birthday with my food...

For my breakfast I enjoyed my favorite Greek yogurt with honey, turkey bacon, champagne and a "fauxmosa" of orange juice and club soda. To make it feel "fancy" I took down some of the crystal and china, but stopped short  of crawling up a step-ladder to get the silver. (Yes. We have all of those things but didn't have a table until a week ago. This makes COMPLETE sense!)

Lunch Break! After enjoying a couple Happy Birthday phone calls, I bee-lined it for the closest restaurant to work; MET Back Bay. I enjoyed a delightful citrusy mocktail and treated myself with a house ham and cheese board. (Sorry it's blurry, I was very excited and very hungry when it got placed in front of me!)

For birthday dinner, my wish was oysters. Growing up on the Gulf Coast so close to mouth of the Mississippi, all the oysters I'd get were very large and very gritty, but somehow I devloped a taste for them around the age of 14. I'd eaten them before but 14 was when the raw oyster bug took hold. The oysters in New Englad. NIRVANA! Thank you Island Creek Oyster Bar!

Before I go, two super awesome birthday gift shout outs...

Thank you to Dear Friend for the New England Aquarium membership!

Aaaaaand finally thank you to my longest running friend all the way back to beginning band for the beautiful necklace. We shall - for blogging purposes - call her Rancher Queen.

*Currently Listening: Human Nature by Madonna
**Photo Credits: All photos mine


  1. Happy belated birthday! Lovely gifts.
    (I also love birthdays :) )

    1. Thank you so much, Undina! I think people should spoil themselves for their birthdays! :-)

  2. Happy birthday! I see you got my beloved No. 22! But I thought no Chanel was allowed??? What's up with that? I want to hear THAT story! ;)

    1. Thank you! :-) I actually wore it out last night. I felt so lady like...until I hit five cocktails! LOL!!! Oh, that story's coming about the "No Chanel" later in the week. I haven't been smacked down from the beyond, so I THINK I'm OK.