Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Strawberry Shorcake, Wouldn't You Know?

*Current Fragrance: Back to Black from Kilian
*Currently Listening: A Madonna Master Mix that a friend sent to me to enjoy while getting all kinds of excited about tonights' concert.

This is all olfactory related, so it counts....RIGHT!?!?!

My Birthday is tomorrow. (Side note: I'm WILD about birthdays!!! But you'll find more out about that tomorrow.) Birthdays always make me think of aging and the passage of time, and the older I get...I think back to my childhood to reflect. It's no wonder I turned into a fume-head, because my favorite doll was Strawberry Shortcake! SHE WAS AWESOME! It's like having a doll and a scratch and sniff sticker all roller up into one!!!!! (Yes, I was the child that would pull the scratch and sniff stickers my Elementary teach would put on our school work as praise and hoard them away...this blog was a total inevitability.

I was doing a bit of digging a week or so ago to do the blog "Strawberry Shortcake: All Grown Up", but I was delightfully surprised to know that children are still enjoying dear sweet Strawberry and her kind of considerate friends! (Apparently Lemon Meringue has bought herself a Chi!) This happened while my Mom was still in town. Here's how the conversation went:

Me: "MOM! Strawberry's still around!!!! And she's done GOOD for herself! She has a car AND a house!"

Mom: "Wow! I remember when all the has was a purple snail and a bucket!"

Me: "I know, right!?"

Mom: "Well good for Strawberry!"

Granted, she's gotten a bit of a makeover....

There needs to be more scented every day objects, but that's another blog for another day! *whispers* I really think this Strawberry would wear Byredo's Pulp!

I'm back to my "regular" work schedule now post surgery. I still have one incision that's healing (thank goodness for sweat/waterproof bandages)! Actually, I'm working MORE hours than normal; which my bank account wholeheartedly appreciates. Getting back into the swing of things, my perfume testing and thinking has laxed a bit, so my apologies dear readers!!

MADONNA CONCERT TONIGHT! I'll be rocking Andy Tauer's Une Rose Vermeille. That perfume is what happens when a jar of rose jam puts on a pair of red soled Louboutin's and red lipstick. FABULOUS!

*Currently Listening: More of the Madonna mix!
**Photo Credits: 1) healthfulpursuit.com & 2) ericareid.com


  1. Happy (early) birthday! You're wearing two mega-beauties today. I love your description of Un Rose Vermeille, and agree that today's Strawberry Shortcake would rock it in Pulp.

    Have a marvelous time at the Madonna concert!

  2. My 80s cartoon obsession was My Little Pony! And now I have successfully gotten my 3 year old daughter into the new My Little Pony cartoon! mwahahahahaha!

    1. YESSSSSS! And don't forget the awesome power of Rainbow Brite!

  3. Happy belated birthday! Yes-Strawberry is still around- and Zoe is going as her for Halloween again this year. My mom is making the old-school strawberry shortcake dress and I bought a stuffed Custard the cat doll off ebay. She was Strawberry Shortcake when she was 3 and it was adorable! That year, I actually found strawberry-scented body spray and sprayed her down. I am so excited she will go as Strawberry Shortcake again (with her red hair, I think it is fitting) but I don't have as much confidence in finding spray for her here in such a rural land with no convenience like the good old US had....

    1. Must see pictures of this cuteness! Wait, I'm sure I will! :-)