Friday, July 27, 2012

Holy Smoke! That's Sexy: Tom Ford's Tuscan Leather

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Here's the blog I was going to write about Tuscan Leather - just one single sentence & then press "Publish": "If the Marilyn Monroe that popped out of JFK's Birthday cake wearing little more than sparkles and a knowing smile had a love affair with Clark Gable in The Misfits, THAT would be Tuscan Leather!"

Yes, I understand that Marilyn was in The Misfits, but I don't want THAT Marilyn!

I firmly, FIRMLY believe that Oscar Wilde got reincarnated as Tom Ford! I'm pretty sure I would have had the hots for Oscar Wilde, like I do for Tom Ford. Granted, they're not Jon Ham/Don Draper level hots..but still. (Side note...Ford was born in Austin, TX. *The more you know....* Now, I understand that it's not ACTUALLY Tom Ford whipping up and formulating Tuscan Leather...but work with me here...

It's the overriding artistic arch that I believe SHOULD reach over the entire design house (sorry, I'm getting a bit "fashion-y". Actually - I'm not sorry. :-)

What I LOVE about Tom Ford's aesthetic is the following: it's the perfect nexus of glamor and sensuality. They don't ooze or drip sex, just radiate it.

With that being firmly established, on to Tuscan Leather! This is not Dominatrix Leather or Make a Quality Handbag or Loafer from it Leather"...NOPE! It's Home On the Range, Cowboy Hat Wearing Leather. (Yep! There's Clark Gable in The Misfits.) That leather moves and smells with heat, it's almost as if you can smell the sweat mixing in, and it's very virile man sweat. There's also the smokiness of suede adding a touch of sexy smoke. (Yes, I think suede smells different from smooth leather.)

Marilyn both glams and femmes the fragrance up with (to me the most noticeable notes other than leather) sensual saffron and a slightly raunchy raspberry. (Alliteration is fun y'all!) The saffron takes on the creamy quality and smooths out some of the leather's edges, while the raspberry sweetens it in a very natural way. PERFUMERS OF THE WORLD TAKE NOTE!!! This is a situation where a raspberry note really shines in perfumery and is super special and super yummy. THANK YOU HARRY FREMONT!

Something I really like about Tom Ford's Private Blends is how truly unisex they are! I - personally - can see around 95% of them going both ways. But hey, who am I to tell people what they can and cannot wear....

I take that back....Man should not smell of Eau de Cotton Candy!!! This goes for women as well... but I digress....

I would just like to also point out that Tuscan Leather is available in candle form. I'm sure it's AWESOME!

Perfect time to give 'fume help credit, where 'fume help credit is due: MANY thanks to the awesome Ellen Hildebrand who is the Kilian Specialist at the Saks Fifth Avenue in the Prudential Center here in Beantown! Thank you for my lovely samples, the nice 'fume chat, and for being everything I would want in a perfume S.A. Go see her Boston! She's great!!!!

Yet, I still think this COULD have been the entire blog and still gotten my point across, "If the Marilyn Monroe that popped out of JFK's Birthday cake wearing little more than sparkles and a knowing smile had a love affair with Clark Gable in The Misfits, THAT would be Tuscan Leather!"

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  1. I didn't know Ford was born here!! The more you know...

    1. You can just hear the little jingle go by in your head, can't you!? ;-)

  2. I really enjoyed this great review for one of the perfumes I like very much. One day I'll right down my story of discovery Tuscan Leather but today - thank you for yours :)

    It's a great observation, I thought about it myself recently and I agree that most Tom Ford's perfumes in Private Blends are truly unisex, beyond "everybody can wear whatever they want".

    1. Thanks Undina! Glad you enjoyed it. Thought I should post more than just one sentence!

      Can't wait to hear your story!

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