Thursday, July 19, 2012

Gaga Fame Formulation Video (Ooops! I Lied!)

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I lied by saying I wasn't going to post until at least Tuesday, but I just can't stay away - the fragrant pull is too strong! I know I'm not doing any sort of earth shattering "fume-reporting" here, as both Candy Perfume Boy and Australian Perfumes Junkies have already posted this video....but dam nit, it's worth sharing! (Plus, a lot of my friends that read my blog...I'm pretty sure they're not reading any other perfumes blogs.)

It's dark, creepy, odd, overtly artistic in the tacky/farcical way that just makes it even MORE awesome. TheLandThatExistsInOnlyKathleenMind Land, all perfume is manufactured by guys that look like these strapping young chaps!

If the juice is black, and the adds are dark...Gaga...THIS STUFF BETTER SMELL DARK! The video put me in the mood to go straight to my perfume stash and layer Kilian's Back to Black with Tom Ford's Tuscan Leather....and it's actually quite nice!

Gaga + McQueen + Gaultier = this photo

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  1. cool but the subtitle person spelled 'its' wrong...ack...I'm such a pain in the butt, I know.

  2. Haha! Thanks. FIXED! Plus I found one other error I did. :-) Brain moving too fast....

    1. oh no, K, you didn't make the type - it's in the video!! The subtitle person wrote " the first of it's kind" instead of 'its'

    2. oops there I go making a typo! LOL I'm on the phone while I'm writing this! hahaaa I cannot multi-task!

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