Monday, July 9, 2012

Of Gallstones and Lavender

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 My gallbladder is a nasty little bitch. There's no need to mince works. That's just what she is. She decided to fill herself with stones (and not the good kind like diamonds or rubies, or in the awesome way of "having" stones) and then decided to rear her ugly, UGLY head when Al and I were enjoying a stay-cation night in the city, at Hotel Nine Zero - enjoying room service from K.O. Prime , instead it was a 4am trip to the ER at Massachusetts General Hospital - so yes gallbladder, you (my not-so-dear) are an angry little bitch! Don't let the door hit you on your inevitable way out! (I mean, who really needs all those silly little secondary organs anyway? Thyroid!? Don't need it. I'll be fine without you gallbladder! Especially since I was considering asking my husband to perform a mercy killing with the hotel's wine opener. Yep. I was in that much pain.) In one awesome movie line, I can sum up how I feel about my gallbladder at the moment: "Boo you whore!"

You know what's NOT a nasty little bitch? LAVENDER!

By the time I made it to the ER early Sunday morning, I was feeling all kinds of gross. Not only was I in pain, I just felt plain icky. I thought perfume would cheer me up. (This was when the stone had passed, and I had finally stopped actually wishing for death. Just to really know what the hell was wrong, a bath and bed.) Sadly, the stock of what I had in my purse what just a little too on the sweet side (NOT a good idea with "stomach troubles"), and I REFUSED to ruin my beloved Liaisons Dangereuses with ER memories. Through this, my mind couldn't help but think of the icy, medicinal lavender in Lutens' Gris Clair. (I dabbed on some my sample from Aedes the SECOND I got home!)

Hospitals really don't freak me out. There's something actually quite soothing about the cleanliness and the order. Granted, this is coming from someone who LOVES the smell of freshly opened gauze and band-aides; so it's easy to see how I would find the comfortable yet bracing quality of Gris Clair quite desirable in this particular context - or at any time for that matter.

Gris Clair is NOT your Granny's lavender. I'd like to thing that "Granny's lavender" is blended with a bit of "Granny's rose", which would be not for me. I like my lavender not bracing, but with a backbone - where it's so herbaly-true, you get a bit a lemon in there. There's nothing in it that's going to be cloying. (Which is good when any type of digestive track issues come into play.)

I think adding to Gris Clair's charm in this situation is its, well...for lack of a better term, crisp mountain air note. (Note that I find.) It's frosty, not frosted. Can a perfume be "cold brewed" like a beer is? If so, to me - that's Gris Clair.

Also add in a little cool mint (one of the most soothing things IN THE WORLD to me) and some incense. It's not really "churchy" incense...and there's only a kiss of it. Like something is burning to keep you calm and content. Almost like someone lit a candle for your well-being. (Well, that IS "churchy")

There are perfumes that cuddle, there are perfumes that transport, there are perfumes that transform, and then there are perfumes that stand beside you. I feel like Gris Clair is that for me. I didn't need to be swaddled or comforted (only morphine could do that), no sense in being transported (I was there to get better), I just needed something of an herbal and cool strength to help me through. (Luckily, my fragrance memory is pretty strong; but to be on the safe side, I treated myself with a decant order today along with Bronze Goddess and L'Ombre dans L'Eau.

PSBTW - Hotel Nine Zero, if you're listening...can my husband and I have a do over...AFTER my angry bitch of a gallbladder is gone? Pretty please!?!?!

Every been caught in a situation without the fragrance your soul NEEDED? Share how you coped in the comments. Or, you can just tell me gallbladder stories. ;-)

***It's nice to be back after such a lengthy absence / spotting posting record. Expect more regular No Disassemble Charlie No. 5 posts coming to you!

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  1. I'm sorry your gallbladder decided to act out at one of the more inappropriate moment (not that it's ever timely but still!). And I hope that you and your husband will get to "do over" without an unpleasant interruption.

    I should find and try Gris Clair: I love lavender scent and I like the way you described how you feel about this perfume.

  2. Thanks so much Undina! I really hope so too. We've got our 10th anniversary trip coming up, so that will be nice. Hopefully I'll have my gallbladder taken out sooner than later. I NEVER want to be in that kind of pain again!

    To be honest, Gris Clair really didn't strike me too much one way or the other when I was first given a sample at Aedes, but sitting there at the ER, it was ALL I could think of fragrance will.

    Moral of the story (for me to remember, mostly) NEVER EVER COUNT A FRAGRANCE OUT!

    Once you give it a sniff, please let me know what you think!

    1. I will!

      From your story I got another useful thought: I should add a couple of samples of some nice but not favorite perfumes - just in case. I wouldn't want to ruin my favorite No 19 that I alway have with me with any unpleasant memories.

    2. It's something I didn't even really think of until that night/morning/day...whatever it was. It has now sense been remedied. I would NEVER want to tarnish one of my fragrance beloveds.

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