Thursday, July 26, 2012


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"[James], no matter what happens today, DON'T let me buy any bottles of perfume today."

Famous Last Words
This statement should be rephrased as, "[James], please help me have a clear head and not do any TOTAL impulse perfume buying."

Al and I spent our "weekends" (our overlapped a bit due to our work schedules) in NYC this past weekend with our friends Bartles and James, or as Al likes to call them, "Mr. & Mrs. H-Bomb".

Monday was a downtown shopping day for James and I. I really, REALLY wanted to go to MiN New know....just to look..... James also wanted to smell Lonestar Memories. I fell head over heels with Pentachord Verdant's strident green bite that mellows into a languid sweetness. But this entry isn't for me to get all goo-goo ga-ga over my newest Tauer purchase, that's another blog entry... This is to talk about what happens when a fume-head and a non-fume-head go perfume shopping together.

James doesn't DISLIKE fragrance. It's just not really her thing (nail polish and nail arty things are), although I have gotten her hooked on Hermes Pamplemousse Rose! She is pretty particular about what she likes to smell like, however.

Sniffing with her was refreshing...and also gave me one of my favorite blog titles in a LONG times. First there was candle sniffing. I couldn't quite argue with any of her assessments, although I had to giggle a little when she just couldn't get the smell of one she wasn't a fan of off her hands!

I saw the Etat Libre d'Orange and decided to play a little game...*picks up Secretions Magnifiques*

K - Smell this!
J - What is it?
K - No ma'am...just smell.
J - *sniff, sniff* ummmm, it smells like... What is it called?
K - *flips bottle*
J - it IS bodily fluids!

While J's way of describing the scents a rather different from what I would say...there wasn't much I could argue with...until she told me that Rossy de Palma smells like olives. I had to draw the line somewhere! :o)

Although my favorite part of the sniffing trip was her reaction to the Montale display. "What is, this...fancy Axe?" I. FRACKING. LOST. IT! I looking at the bottles, she does have a point....

Yup...Fancy Axe!
J was raised in the South, not far from where I grew up - actually in a smaller town. We were greatly amused by (and now I'm slightly sad I did not get a picture) of the mounted plant inside the store. We're used to seeing mounted deer heads. I now want a mounted plant.

I really appreciate James going sniffing with me and not body checking me when I handed over my credit card to pay for my purchase! Also...she did a bit of her own awesome for me, and put nail wraps on me, that we found on sale at Duane Reade Drugs on sale for $4!

Also...a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Ari from Scents of Self! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ARI!

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  1. Thank you so much for the birthday wishes, Kathleen! How did James like the Lonestar Memories? Someday I'll get my own bottle...

    1. Can't wait to comment on YOUR blog today! She wasn't the biggest fan actually. She thought it was too "medicinal". I sent her the way of Tuscan Leather.

  2. Oh, looking forward to your review of Pentachord Verdant. How many Tauers does that make for you now?

  3. Now every time anybody shows me a bottle of Montale perfume I'll be thinking "Fancy AXE". Thank you :)

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