Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Need More Cowbell! WAIT, NO! Need More Audience Parcipitation

*Current Fragrances: The left over strains of Tom Ford's Tobacco Vanille that I wore to bed last night. My right wrist is particularly fond it of!
*Currently Listening: Let's Have a Kiki by Scissor Sisters

Sine I put my Perfuming the Posy series to bed yesterday, I'm looking for some Musical Monday help from my lovely readers! This is going to be easy on your party and I hope A LOT of FUN!

We need a little audience participation if you will! In the comment section (or tweet me - @klhood123, email dscharlieno5@gmail.com, or comment on facebook, hell...you can send smoke signals or telegraph if you wish) please tell me what song of piece of music you would like me to "scent" for a Musical Monday post!

The musical world is your oyster (with just a few simple restrictions)...

1. I'm not going to fragrance Wagner entire Ring Cycle for you!
2. No Nielsen Clarinet Concerto! A) Composed for someone who was a bit CRAY CRAY and there is not enough perfume in my scent arsenal to do it's characters justice. B) I fear that if would trigger some strange sort of PTSD in me, and that's just NOT COOL, man!
3. Given that criteria, if you're going to suggest something from the "art music" realm, please suggest just a movement.

They can be ANY kind of music your heart desires! I love all kind of music and all kind of fragrance! Let's get this party started!!!

Comment away, lovelies!

Currently Listening: Shady Love by Scissor Sisters
**Photo Credit: nteractive.wxxi.org


  1. My daughters have suggested "Fireworks" by Katy Perry, "Call Me Maybe" by Carly Rae Jepson, and "Edelweiss". Husband suggests "Highway to Hell"...

  2. Those are TOTALLY going to be fun! Little tidbit, "Edelweiss" was what my Mom sang to me as a lullaby as a young girl! :o)

  3. Another Katy Perry request: "Wide Awake." Especially fitting because I've been suffering from insomnia and I'm also experiencing a personal life change (in some ways waking up).

  4. Also, I have a "Dear Charlie" for you. So my beau and I have very different preferences in scents and I'd love to surprise him with a compromise. I'd happily wear cologne as I really dislike the flowery sweetness of women's perfumes but he doesn't like how even the softest men's cologne smells on me. The "clean" labelled scents at the local Sephora are not what I had in mind, either. I'm looking for something subtle, different, maybe citrusy (I love the smell when my lemon tree blossoms), but definitely made for women. He suggested something like how freshly-washed hair smells (i.e., some conditioners), and that is another scent I'm ok with. Is there anything out there that might bring our noses together?

    1. This is fun, T! I promise I'll answer this "Dear Charlie" before I leave for vaca.!

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