Monday, July 30, 2012

I See Them Bloom For Me and You (10 - OMG - Years Later)

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In my personal life I tend to make impulsive, yet fully convicted decisions. ("Personal life" in this instance being my love life/sex "personal life" in regards to friends has always been a lot more thought out.) The decisions I made with my life with Al are some of the best decisions I ever made. I mean, seriously....who packs their shit in the middle of the night, moves a quarter of the way across country and it actually WORKS!? In four days I will have been married for 10 years (HOLY SHIT!)!!!! I am not on my first official paid vacation of my adult life, (CRAZY!) and Al and I will be heading to my spiritual - and his real - home of North Carolina tomorrow to celebrate.

Since this is a fragrance blog, I want to put a 'fumey twist on things...but I've already written about this. Al surprised me with a bottle of Escada's Sexy Graffiti as a Christmas gift this past Christmas. It was the same perfume that he gave me as a wedding gift. You can read all about it here.

For more on my feelings about Sexy Graffiti and the lyrics for mine and Al's "song" you should read this post! (Plus, you can see wedding pictures!)

I've mentioned that North Carolina is my spiritual home. This entry really helps explain things. How will I be spending our anniversary trip you ask? Two days in a cabin in the mountains, a day back in the town and house where he grew up to see my brother-in-law, sister-in-law, new niece Lilly (or is it Lily), niece #1 Katelyn, and Al's made of steel Grandmama Hoffman. Then a night in Chapel Hill at the Carolina Inn and a dinner at the hotel's restaurant. It's literally a block away from where Al proposed.

The Old Well - on UNC's Campus - Where Al Proposed
Now, since this IS a fragrance blog...there is the issue of what fragrance I'm going to actually pack. Here's what I've got it down to 1) Escada's Sexy Grafitti (I HAVE to!) 2) Elizabeth Arden's Green Tea (It's going to be hot and humid and I figured this was light and refreshing.) 3) Tom Ford's Tobacco Vanille (Al's mad - in a good way - about it!) 4) Gorilla Perfume's The Smell of Freedom (Because that just makes SENSE) and 5) Kilian's Liaisons Dangereuses (If I had a signature scent, this would be it...SO GOOD ON MY SKIN!)

Is that enough.... too much....? How do YOU pack and choose 'fumes for trips, dear readers?

Al's written a really nice and really sweet entry about our 10th anniversary on his blog: Intimate Thoughts of Al Hood. It really chronicles our "getting together" story way better than I could. He manages to balance the snark and the sap. I'm WAY too indulgent.

Yes, before some of you hate me for all time for being "one of them", I do realize that this is a very ooey-gooey couple centric post.... I think I should be allowed one every once and a 10 years of marriage is a BIG F-ING DEAL! I promise I'll be back to my regular 'fume-y, snarky, quirky programming next Monday when I return. Have a great week y'all!!!

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**Photo Credits: All photos are my own


  1. absolutely love this post, and Al's, and have the best weekend!! thanks so much for sharing.

  2. Ok, I read ALL the posts you linked to! :)

    I'm glad you made it work for two of you. I wish you all the possible happiness for the next ten years, and next, and next... It should be easier from this point on (at least for a while ;) ).

    Enjoy your trip! (five perfumes are NOT enough for 4 days if you ask me - what if you change your mind and want to wear something else at night? take at least 2-3 more previously tested samples you liked or decants of your favorite perfumes to have an adequate choice)

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