Monday, March 5, 2012

Musical Monday: Escada's Sexy Graffiti & Pat Green's "Three Days"

*Current Perfume: Escada's Sexy Graffiti 2011 (What's left from me spritzing it on last night_
*Currently Listening: Three Days by Pat Green

Wake up, what you been dreaming about /
I ain't got a lot to say, but I could talk to you for hours / 
The way you talk, the way you breathe /
The way that your spirit moves into me /
Wake up, wake up, wake up....

Rehearsal Dinner
When thinking about what to write about for my first "Musical Monday" post, I wanted to do something about the associative power of fragrance, music and memory: there is absolutely nothing that takes me to a place in my memory so vividly as Escada's Sexy Graffiti and Pat Green's "Three Days". Sexy Graffiti was the perfume I wore for my wedding, as well as one of my wedding gifts that I've mused about in an earlier blog entry. Some of you may be thinking, "An Escada Summer release? That's not very 'Wedding Perfume'..." To you I say, "Bugger off!! It smells like happiness and light in a bottle and I love it!" "Three Days" was our "Second First Dance" ("What a Wonderful World" sung by Louis Armstrong was the first, but it's SO SHORT.)

Yeah, and hold me and help me to under / 
Why on Earth I have to be such a stupid man /
To live the way I do, and dream the dreams I dream /
So far away from you, yeah / 
Hold me, hold me, hold me, hold me, hold me, hold me...


Sexy Graffiti smells like happiness and light to me. I find myself reaching it for three instances: 1) When life's a little heavy or dark and I need a lift, 2) When I want to be transported to that time (very close to 10 years ago - it'll be 10 years this August 3rd) when it was finally just Al and I, doing things the way we saw fit and fitting for our little family, and 3) When I just want to smile. The strawberries and the raspberries now remind me of how young and really innocent we both were, and the lily of the valley, peony and violet a reminder of the hope of growing into the woman that I wanted to become, all the while having a remarkable and steady man by my side.

I got three days to was the road out of my soul /
I got three days to love you out of control /
And I wish I had a lifetime to hold onto you this way /
Love can do some healing in just three days...
Post Ceremony

"Three Days".... I feel like it was written for us. The first time Al and I met face to face (after talking back and forth, either online or on the phone for quite some time) and had three days together that just sealed our relationship. Each and every lyric rings true to how I felt about those days. It's one of those songs that I desperately love, yet don't listen to often because I don't want to to loose it's "power" or "specialness." Listening to it today, I stop and think, "WOW! Those two crazy kids, they've made it almost 10 years, and through A LOT in those ten years. GO THEM! What an awesome couple!"

Three days and nights put some life back into this man /
I ain't holding back / 
You got all I am /
Hearts and souls and dreams in the palm of your hand...

We really were babies and looking back on it, had NO IDEA what we were getting ourselves into, but we knew that whatever it was it would be much easier and more joy filled together than apart. I remember one line from my vows to Al, (we wrote our own) "To counterbalance what is less than stellar." I really feel like that statement is pretty much the crux of our relationship. :-)

Other "Wedding Music"? Al and his Mom danced to Lee Ann Womack's "I Hope You Dance" and Dad and I danced to Jimmy Buffett's "Little Miss Magic." 

I got three days to was the road out of my soul /
I got three days to love you out of control /
And I wish I had a lifetime to hold onto you this way /
Love can do some healing in just three days...

*Currently Listening: Little Miss Magic by Jimmy Buffett

**Photo credits: All photos my own.

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