Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Perfumed Primary Project: Alabama, Hawaii & Mississippi [Plus March Madness]

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Let's jump right in!

 - For Alabama and its state flower the Camellia: Keiko Mecheri's Camellia. (Full review to come later.)

Alabama: The Yellow Hammer State
 - For Hawaii and its state flower the Yellow Hibiscus: Escada's Island Kiss.

Hawaii: The Aloha State
 - For Mississippi and its state flower the Magnolia: I was going to go with Serge Lutens' L'eau Serge Lutens, but that just didn't seam very "Mississippi", so I'm going to go with ChloĆ© by ChloĆ©. (Full reviews of both to come later.)

Mississippi: The Magnolia State
Now, in TOTALLY non perfume related news: March Madness is really starting to take hold in my little household. Granted, I'm not the biggest sports fan, and I totally used to roll my eyes at my husband's basketball-crazed-ness. OK, I still do from time to time; but there's something about the NCAA that I really enjoy. Al went to UNC and grew up about an hour away from UNC, Duke & NC State. (Yes, they really are that close together!) I really do enjoy filling out my bracket every year (based on nothing more than my limited knowledge of college hoops and pure instinct); plus, this year I have vested interest as my undergrad & Master's alma mater is going to The Dance. I HIGHLY doubt that they'll get past their second game, however. Sorry Cards, it's pretty much true, and well the happiness of my marriage depends upon it.

That all being said; Al and some of his friends are organizing a Pool. It'll totally be fun! There's no gambling involved, 'cause well...that wouldn't exactly be legal now would it!?! I'll let Al tell you about it:

"Good morning! Jump into THE POOL! Each person gets (say it like LeBron) "not one, not two, not three, not four..." but FIVE, yes, FIVE brackets...and we are doing this totally for free! Wanna see what your animal thinks? DO IT! Want to pick a bracket purely by a coin flip? DO IT! This pool is about fun and re-establishing a long lost tradition..."

Click here to join THE POOL and please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions of trouble signing up and I'll put you in contact w/ the Mister!

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**Photo Credits: 1) en.wikipedia.org 2) statesymbolsusa.org 3) thegrove.americangrove.org

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