Thursday, March 22, 2012

My Personal Spring/Summer GONNA Haves

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Spring is here is Boston! It's a tad early due to the complete "Winter That Wasn't 2011/2012." I seriously think it snowed a grand total of three times here this winter. I mean, we were one inch shy from having the least snowy winter on record in Boston...EVER. Summer however, it trying to knock Spring out a bit early. It's going to hit at least 84 in the city today. (If I walk in anywhere that still has their heater going today, there's going to be a PROBLEM!) Growing up in the South, I'm a big fan of the concept of "bought air". There is some very simple math for this: the hotter it is outside, the more icicles I want hanging from my nose and eyelashes. Besides...ladies don't sweat, they glisten. Yes. This all sounds pretty crazy...but y'all, I just really like my air conditioning.

I tend to be a bit more picky and faithful to a handful of fragrances during the summer. While in milder weather I switch it up, during warmer weather, I try to be much more mindful that it's going to be warmer and the scent is going to carry much more as well as read/smell quite a bit stronger. (Not to say I won't totally love everything I'm ever wearing, and I still have my now kinda insane sample stash to select from...) See...I'm a nice person...unlike YOU...yeah you... Mr. Dude on the T that refuses to stash a stick of deoderant in gym bag and put some on after working out in July at 1pm and then gets on the T and grabbing the handhold to where your armpit is RIGHT in my face. SERIOUSLY. Were you raised in a barn....SERIOUSLY!?!?!


Here's what's on my wish/buying list. (Not going to do full out reviews, I'll save that for later!) What's on your must have list to scent yourself during the warmer months?

1) Bronze Goddess by Estee Lauder: The original, not the Capri flanker...wasn't a fan of that, at all.

2) L'Ombre dans l'Eau by Diptyque: Haven't decided if the solid, the perfume oil roll on, or the EDT is the right best warm weather choice for me.

3) Orange Blossom by LUSH: This just makes me smile...A LOT. I'll be getting the .3 fl oz spray stick. I like it for the summer on my skin in the 15% concentration.

4) A Minty/Green-Tea-Ish Fragrance: I'm currently working my way through samples of Oliver Durbano's Jade, Heeley's Menthe Fraiche, L'Artisan Parfumeur's The Pour un Ete, and Parfum d'Empire's Osmanthus Interdite. If none of those strike my fancy, I'll be going back old school to Elizabeth Arden's Green Tea. (No haters please!)

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