Saturday, March 10, 2012

Perfumed Primary Project: Kansas and Wyoming

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And we're back at it again: Caucus day in Kansas and Wyoming. I'm trying to get this done the night before, as I know my left hand is going to be supremely stiff tomorrow morning! A word to the wise....

Close your closet doors! If they are open, you run the risk of of hitting your hand on them, jamming your left ring finger (yep, I'm left handed), instinctually running to the bathroom, removing your wedding band & engagement ring, run your hand under cold water as your convince yourself that vomiting from the pain is a bad idea.

Once you have convinced yourself that vomiting is a bad idea, you wonder, "what's in my freezer"? I don't want to deal with getting flower and dolphin shaped ice cubes from ice trays and put in a zip lock baggie with my non-dominant hand; so my, pork tenderloins, frozen dinners, and oooohhh winner.....The Jilted Elf shower jelly!

Wakes me up AND is the perfect size to wrap my poor jammed finger around.
Moving on....

- For Kansas and its state flower the Wild Native Sunflowerr: Elizabeth Arden's Sunflowers (which has no sunflower in the notes...)

I'd also like to offer up Rigaurd's Tournesol candle. I think it would be super yummy. (I'm a sucker for anything with blackcurrant in it!)

Kansas: The Sunflower State

- For Wyoming and its state flower the Indian Paintbrush: Love Potion Magickal Perfumerie's Song of the Desert.

Wyoming: The Equality State / The Cowboy State
No Disassemble Charlie No. 5 will be back Monday for its second installment of Musical Monday, we we start with Perfuming the Posy [Lincolnshire That Is]. Which movement will we start with? Oh the suspense!

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