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Musical Monday Super Continuation - Carolina In My Mind (Part II: The Crazy - A Perfume-y Take on March Madness)

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Yesterday I talked about my deep love for the state and state of mind that is North Carolina; all set to the glorious soundtrack of James Taylor's "Carolina In My Mind", with a hint of March Madness and my remembrances of Fresh's Fleurs de Chocolat Lucia.

Now...watching March Madness for what seams like 8 years a day on the TV with my husband, while actually a great deal of fun, isn't exactly the most relaxing thing ever. Compound this by about 509,203,382 when Carolina is playing; and then double that when one of the teams stars (and my personal favorite player) Kendall Marshall gets hurt during to game. Mind you...we don't (Al will be so proud! I just "we-ed" myself in with the Tar Heel faithful!) find out about this injury until after the game. I should ALSO point out that the Heels had been without John Henson since spraining his left wrist in the quarter finals of the ACC tournament, and Sunday was Henson's first game back. Needless to say, even though the Hells won both Al and I were simultaneously high strung and down in the dumps.

This is when I went a new version of perfume-y crazy.

I was sitting on the best thinking of what to write for Musical Monday and had every intention of writing about another movement of Lincolnshire Posy that I already had the fragrance figured out for. Yeah, but as the fates would have it, it's also the most anxiety filled and uncomfortable feeling/sounding of all the movements. "Why in the name of all that is good and holy would I do that do myself right now, I must think of something else!"

I started to think of UNC, and baby...I mean....CAROLINA blue, and my love of the place and then the smell of Fleurs de Chocolat Lucia. "Why of why did they discontinue that? I loved it so! Well, they brought back Sexy Graffiti, maybe they'll bring back Fleu.....WAIT A SECOND! Al's a good husband! I must check the refrigerator!" (You see, Al's actually a GREAT husband, and while living in SETX we frequented the Beaumont Bath Junkie A LOT! For birthday gifts and whatnot he would find the near empty bottles of perfumes that I love which had inevitably been discontinued, bring them into the store...and along with the store associates try to recreate the scent.) He did this with both Sexy Graffiti and Fleurs de Chocolat Lucia a while back and got my a body spray of each. When he did this I was deep into musical school and close playing and breathing quarters, my fragranced life was completely body sprays save a bottle of J'Adore and Demeter's Ginger Ale.

So into the living room/kitchen I march with determination and purpose that was palpable (Al, "Whaaaat's going on?") and fling open the refridgerator (choice storage spot for my favorite body sprays). "SHIT! It's not there!!" *slams the fridge shut like it's done something personal to me*

I back to the bedroom, pacing a little with my arms folded. (I'm starting to realize that my behavior is rather crazy for a sane person, but then again...are any of us REALLY sane!?! You know, maybe Seal was right!?!?)

I totally forgot Seal used to have hair!!! Anyway....

Pacing I think to myself, "Chocolate and orange.....wait, when you were ordering samples for your Calice Becker best get on that ordered one of the ones she did for Payard,  maybe you ordered the chocolate and citrus one..."

I grab the Barney's bag that is home to my sample collection (high-tech, I know) and start combing through it with the vigor much like that of....oh my God, so many good-in-a-bad-way analogies to say here, I'll just let your imagination fill in the blanks, but I searched with VIGOR! I find the little Lucky Scent package and start to look through. "Careful," I think to myself "Glass can brea....LYCHEE MOUSE!!!!! YOU ORDERED LYCHEE MOUSSE AND NOT THE OTHER ONE!?!?!?!? WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU WOMAN! WHERE IS YOU HEAD AT!? WHERE ARE YOUR PRIORITIES!?!?!? UGH!" 

I cast the sample bag away in such an uncaring and despondent fashion, that I almost felt the need to apologize to it later. A bag filled with that much emotion inducing smell-o-rific-ness HAS to have feelings, right.....

I fling my computer open and go to and type in "orange chocolate" in the search. Nothing is looking quite right. Which I think is a good thing, as me + credit card + emotional distress = DANGER WILL ROBINSON!

I then close the computer and start to move the bed away from the wall. You see... my bed is kind of my world. I've been that way since I was serves as sleeping quarters, place were I put on my makeup, place where I do homework or any other desk worthy activity. So, maybe - just maybe, I sprayed it on, left it on the bed, and it rolled off to the side flush with the wall and it's been stuck there for who knows how long. Digging for it...I was somewhat scared for what I would find lurking under the bed. Lord knows I am not exactly "Suzy Homemaker" when it comes to Domestic Tidy-ness...."FOUND IT! HELL YEAH! I FOUND IT!"

In an "end-zone-dance-esque" type of victory lap to celebrate, I pranced into the living room, stood near the TV (I'm MUCH smarter than to stand IN FRONT of the TV when baskestball related things are on the TV and Al's on the couch!) and spray the body spray all over myself while displaying a shit eating grin on my face, then promptly returning it to its rightful place on the door of the refridgerator, next to the Sexy Graffiti  recreation, next to the Zatarain's Creole Mustard (another thing that gets my obsessive love).

Without missing a beat, and I think basking in my new-found UNC-March-Madness-Inspired-Perfume-Hysteria..."Glad you found it, babe." All while not taking his eyes off the TV screen.

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