Thursday, February 21, 2013

Small Victories v 1.0

This was an idea I got from James (of Bartles & James fame - more on that in another post). It came from a LoseIt sub-group on Reddit.  It's just a little way to share small victories whatever they may be on your weight loss journey. I'll be sharing these every once and a while. For v 1.0, I have four.

 1) I work at a place where I'm required to wear an apron.  It's made of a rather heavy fabric do when it drapes off my boobs and ties in the back it's VERY unflattering and makes me look like a human tent. I know I had been loosing weight on the day I could tie it the "skinny way" (self named), where you wrap the ties around the back and back to the front with a tie there.

2) My engagement ring is now now too loose for me to wear. I've put it aside for safe keeping. My wedding band is next! I'll just have to find something temporary to wear until I've reached my goal. Ooooh! Shopping!

3) When riding in cabs in NYC this past weekend visiting Bartles and James with the husband, I found myself on the street side of the cab. Instead of the exhausting three or four but skootches, it was one booty scooooooch and a swing of the legs and I was out of the cab!

4) Today (Wednesday) I noticed that there are two spots up on upper abdomen that have no fat I can feel. Just skin and muscle. No more squidgy. Does that mean I have a 2-pack?