Thursday, February 28, 2013

Picture Pages

Since I have a thing against posting numbers (I'll talk more about that in another post), I thought I'd ease into things by posting pictures. So...I'll let the visuals do the lion's share of the talking....

Before: This was taken the day before I moved to Boston. Looking at this now, I think I'm heavier than I was when I first started counting calories on Loose It. I had to have lost SOME weight carting my clarinets all over Boston by foot.
A little while ago: This was taken on Christmas Eve.

Now: As in yesterday. Can't believe I'm allowing myself to be photographed in a winter white cardigan. Progress y'all!

Goal: This was my Freshman year of High School. I distinctly remember this dress was a size 11. I would love to be this size again, but with a BIT more of a womanly shape.

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