Monday, February 25, 2013

Metaphorical Carrots v 1.0

I like carrots. I like carrots a lot. So much so that two things happened when I was younger, 1) my mother made a "rule" that I had to brush the carrots that I had just pulled from the earth on my pants before I ate them and 2) my nose turned orange from all the beta carotene.

But these are not the carrots I'm speaking of. Today I'm talking about metaphorical carrots; reward carrots if you will. I know that by loosing weight and getting healthier I am giving myself a great gift and and of itself, but let's face it...I'm putting in some hard ass work! So to reward myself I have set up a reward structure of gifts to give myself for the weight loss milestones I hit. I have it set up to when I hit one of the 0's, it's a big gift and when I hit one of the 5's in between, it's a smaller gift. Since I've been doing this reward structure, I've bought two weight-loss rewards and just ordered the latest. Here's what I've gotten so far (clearly I've been on a Kendra Scott kick):

First Reward

Second Reward
The idea I've had behind these rewards is a) it give me something else to work for - because let's face it, abstract ideas can get tiresome after a while & I'm in it for the long haul, b) I can always looks down at them when I'm wearing and/or using them & think about all my hard work and what I've accomplished, and c) I like pretty new things, so there!

Sometimes I won't be able to buy these the day I hit the weight mark, because I've decided to pay for all my rewards with my own money. Just as I'm paying for my gym membership. My health is a gift I'm giving myself so it just makes sense that I gift myself my own rewards gifts.

You my have noticed that this post is a version 1.0 post. Every I get a new weight loss reward in, I'll photograph a picture of it and do a blog post. Get used to the carrot/bunny meme! ;-)

I've got just about everything picket out for the 10's, but still have some unfilled spots for the 5's. Got any ideas? Tell me in the comments.

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