Monday, November 12, 2012

Mamma I'm Coming Home

*Current Fragrance: Lonestar Memories from Andy Tauer
*Currently Listening: Should've Been A Cowboy by Toby Keith

L: Country Mouse (My Sister) R: City Mouse (Me)
The longer I've lived in the city, the more I come to appreciate certain aspects of "country" living. I put country in quotation because I wasn't exactly raised in the sticks. I think it's safe to say that I was raised in a small town. Every so often I miss that slower pace I also miss food that is properly spiced. WHAT is wrong with people up here!?!? Perhaps it's just that my Cajun taste buds have mutated over time. I will pack clothes only suitable to hand around horses in (as well as other assorted barn yard lovelies). I will HOPEFULLY get to drive down to the beach and stare at the Gulf for the first time in ages, I will eat my fill of that Gulf seafood. I will get to spend time with my crazy family. I will get to eat my mother's cheese grits and whatever my dad's latest food obsession is; as well as play with my sister's new kitty. I will do all these things while smelling flippin' fabulous! You can take me out of the city; you can take my nice bags, shoes, and scarves; but you can pry my perfume from my cold dead hands! Hey....I'm only bringing four. Aren't you proud?

1) Tom Ford's Tuscan Leather: All your 'fume-heads are probably asking, "But why not Lonestar Memories!?!?!" That's just way too literally. Look...I live in Allston/Brighton, I've lived in this neighborhood for four years...some of the hipster irony was BOUND to rub off on me. Also, I find TL to be deliciously saucy. I definitely makes me feel my oats. In this case my honey bunches of whit filled oats... Which I need for sparring with my father.

2) By Kilian's Liaisons Dangereuses: This one is my beloved. How could I possibly leave it at home!?!? It's like my very own olfactory American Express. Besides, my parents house was where I feel head over heels in love with LD on New Years Day of this year!

3) Serge Lutens' Gris Clair: Good ol' Uncle Serge. He'll keep me from murdering anyone or stomping out of the house in a tizzy (I am nothing if not practical thinking things out ahead.) For me this is a calming lavender nectar of the gods. Also good if my stomach gets queasy from too much rich food that I KNOW I'm going to gorge myself on.

4) LUSH's Orange Blossom: This one just feels right. Plus, all the neroli in there will keep me in a good mood. It smells like a sunlit field of flowers. I hope my trip holds up to that beautiful and positive of a thought. Sunlight, happiness, things that are alive, thriving, and familiar.

Until next week.... :-)

*Currently Listening: Zydeco Et Pas Sale by Clifton Chenier
**Photo Credits: Both photos my own

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