Thursday, November 8, 2012

Gypsy Cowboy: Tom Ford's Tobacco Vanille

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Tom Ford's fragrances reveal themselves to me in a rather poetic and "imagintangable" ways. Remember the experienced and worldly woman that was Cafe Rose? Then there's Tuscan Leather: two silver screen characters rolled into one.

Tobacco Vanille doesn't stray far from my Tom Ford fold.

He's the sexiest man you'll ever meet. What makes him so sexy? Clearly you're dying to know.... There's a darkness and danger there with the tobacco, but it's sweet pipe tobacco to not too harsh. No one wants a complete neanderthal. Sweet to the (ALMOST) point of honey, but not quite. Its overripe quality is almost eyebrow raising. The almost sexual pungency is paired with the comforting sweetness of the vanilla, making it so welcoming and familiar than any trepidation that was felt by the prowess of the tobacco envelopes you in its comforting swath.

Yes. Tobacco Vanille is a Gypsy Cowboy. Here's where he exists, somewhere between Eastern Europe and the posh saloons of the Old West. Everything is in sepia and yellow, and our Gypsy Cowboy is dressed in delicious pinstripes and brocade. Wrapped in his embrace you are simultaneously aroused and mollified.  Oh the poetic duplicity!

Plus there's nutmeg and a scant of cardamom. I'm absolutely convinced!

How it wears reminds me of how food color behaves in a bowl of water. The water being the skin/air and the fragrance being a single color of food coloring. Once the fragrance hits the water, it doesn't completely disperse. It's very "there", concentrated in once spot. If the motion in the water = time on the skin, that's what takes it to where it's going to go. It actually takes it there pretty quickly. The food coloring permeates the water but doesn't delete until the water is dumped out.

So many delicious descriptors tonight. Must be in the snow.

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  1. I love Tobacco Vanille both on me and on my vSO. But I have to be really in the mood for it because this is one of those perfumes that just never quit.

  2. I love Tobacco Vanille. I don't wanna pay for it. Love. Don't wanna pay. Love. Money. Love. Money.

    The logical solution is a decant, but somehow that never feels satisfactory.

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