Sunday, August 19, 2012

Musical Monday: Edelweiss / Pentachord White

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*Currently Fragrance: Bronze Goddess from Estee Lauder (my Mom has taken quite the liking to this one)

A little over a month ago I put out a request for what music people would like to have "perfumed" on No Disassemble Charlie No. 5's Musical Mondays. Many thanks to Anat13 for this request!

I really think having my Mom here as I recover from having my gallbladder removed has really motivated me in writing about this particular Musical Monday request. You see...Edelweiss was my lullaby.

I just asked my Mom, "Why was Edelweiss my lullaby?" Her answer, "Well, you loved The Sound of Music, and I thought it was a sweet song and I wanted my little girl to 'bloom and grow', plus you LOVED flowers even as a very little girl, so it was perfect."

According to the Tauer website, Pentachord White's notes are dried iris root, violet, rosewood, amber gris and bourbon vanilla. My olfactory take on it is much insanely person and quite a bit different.

Once Pentachord White has settled into my skin, I smell baby doll. Plastic, out of the box....the sort that should be drug around by the ankle, swaddled when the girl is felling "particularly" maternal, and gets swung in the red tire swing  in the forest (aka the clump of trees behind the mobile home that the little girl lives in). Wait....thhhhhhaaaat was my childhood.

Anyhow...Pentachord white smells like vanilla and baby doll - but the baby doll has been sprayed with some of mother's perfume (something of mostly delicate white flowers).

So, maybe it's not exactly what everyone wants to smell like. I get it. Those fake eyelashes on dolls can be pretty damned creepy!

To me, however, there is something VERY calming and soothing about this combination. I have very distinct memories of swiping my Mom's almost depleted bottle of Charlie and spritzing it in my Barbie's hair. (Sorry Mom!)

I have nothing but very positive, nurturing, and secure memories of my mother and Edelweiss growing up. So to me, the strangely beautiful combination of vanilla, plastic baby doll, and faint white flowers make me feel safe and secure in the manner only a mother's lullaby can.

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  1. I have a similar reaction to this perfume. I see it as Princess Leia's perfume (I've posted this elsewhere before). It's warm, brave, feminine, just like her. But it's also in FRIGGING OUTER SPACE. It's the calming, feminine perfume you wear when you're on the Tantive IV. 'nuff said.

    I keep thinking about this one. I'm not sure I want to spring for a full bottle, but if Andy was selling purses sizes of his signature line, I'd snap this one up in a second. You know?

    1. I'm right there with you on the purse size bottle. I want to wear this a little more in the fall to see if it holds up. I generally don't do vanilla in the warmer months.

      LOVE the Princess Leia idea!

    2. Princess Leia--too awesome!!

  2. I love your story about your childhood doll. My girls aren't home right now but I will let you know what they say when I tell them you picked the song they suggested! Song of Music was something I used to wait ALL YEAR for to watch on TV--I remember getting SO excited! Almost as excited as I was when I received my "Baby Alive" doll at Christmas. (As an aside, the big memory of my friend about her plastic babydoll that "ate" was about how she did not clean the food out of the doll...ick...)

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