Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Bad Romance: Lady Gaga's "Fame"

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I'm back from the blogging dead and fully recovered from my surgery lovely readers! It's a good thing too, because I've GOT TO GET SOMETHING OFF MY CHEST. Lady Gaga's Fame = BAD! BAD ROMANCE! I do not want you loving or your revenge right now Lady Gaga.  It's not that Fame itself is a bad perfume, it's the cloud of promise it got itself shrouded in is what makes me find it "bad".

When the initial rumblings of Gaga's perfume started to makes their way into my interwebs, I got really excited. I LOVE me some Gaga! She's like the three way love child of David Bowie, Elton John and Boy George...but you know...with boobs! Rumblings were that it was going to smell like blood and semen. Pretty cool, right!? Well...cool in a conceptual way. Rarely...RARELY...do I want around smelling like blood and semen. (MOM! I'M KIDDING, PROMISE!) For it to really smell like Gaga I think it should have smelled like blood, semen, glitter, and hair bleach...but what do I know?

Then the notes were released, and it was more traditional, but still pretty dark and very Gaga-esque. It was paired with a super dark/super chic ad campaign. Think McQueen meets Gautier. Speaking of McQueen: I need this purse....NEED! MANTA!!!!!!

Bottle was released, more hype... I was getting excited. Could I love two celebrity fragrances in one year? I was already REALLY impressed with Madonna's tuberose-y Truth or Dare. Could Gaga really make lightening strike twice?

No! No...she can't. Major bummer too.

To me Fame smells like syrupy apricot preserves wrapped in an old pair of ripped black fishnets that got rolled around in dirt and crushed potpourri. Granted...this sounds a little novel. Nope. Something happened and it's done with a very generic / to steal a term from Susan of FineFragrants "Raspberry Hoe Juice" hand. This makes me = Oh so not interested! BAD ROMANCE!

Frankly, I'm a little upset. RHJ is the olfactory signature of choice for so many "celebrity perfumes", that quite honestly it's a joke and a badge of being flat out generic. Love her, hate her, or completely ambivalent....I'm pretty sure most people can agree that Gaga is FAR from generic.  So what went wrong with her fragrance?

You know what's NOT generic? On The Rocks from University of Oregon singing Bad Romance A Capella. The Sing Off...I'm going to miss you!

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  1. We're on the same Gaga boat! I followed the hype. Got excited about the idea of black perfume. Had myself convinced that if anyone could come up with an original celebrity perfume it had to be Lady Gaga. So this weekend I got to the mall as fast as I could to have a sniff. It just made me sad. I couldn't get it off my skin fast enough. I literally reached behind a Lancome counter to get a hold of their hand sanitizer. I also used it to get rid of the new Noir Chanel which also made me sad. But as I read on another blog, none of the new releases are made for the 40+ woman. They're made for a young woman who hasn't been educated about what a truly well made, beautiful fragrance smells like. I guess my question is, if there are so many nice fragrances out their (that don't cost an arm & a leg) why do so many of the "commercial" fragrances have to smell so bad. Like floral scented bug spray.

    1. "Luckily" I tried fame in the privacy of my own home. My Mom laughed at me as she witnessed me in "fragrance mode" when she was visiting, "God help you if you ever have a daughter, she'll skip Love's Baby Soft & go straight to Chanel!" My response, "Geez, I hope it's one of the good ones!"

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