Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Personal Style (Fashion & 'Fumes)

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I like to think that I'm all Ani DiFranco 32 Flavors and whatnot, but when it comes to one thing, I'm a bit formulaic and that's my wardrobe.

If I had to describe my personal style at the moment, it would be Audrey Hepburn meets Stevie Nicks. Flowy day dresses that are normally empire in cut, a bottom covering cardigan (which is 85% of the time black), tights or leggings if the weather requires, ballet flats, a light scarf draped around my neck. Everything USED to be black, black, black and more black - but that's slowly but surely changing. (I really have a penchant for coral dresses at the moment.)

I enjoy the ease in my style right now, but it's still put together so I look like I've somewhat progressed style wise since my early 20's. Audrey meets Stevie can also be read as "eclectic chic".

I'm also LOVING me some bracelets right now. The more noise they make the better!!! I think that's because that would NEVER have flown in my clarinet playing days. Right now I'm TOTALLY in love with the Alex and Ani bracelets. You should totally check them out!

Thinking about my personal style got me thinking about my personal FRAGRANCE style and how what I'm wearing on any given day may influence my personal choices.

Very rarely do I wear "perfume for perfumes sake", unless I'm just testing something out at home for the blog. If I'm at home all day, there's a pretty good chance that I'm in my PJs as long as I'm in my apartment. (Sorry for any glamorous illusions I may be shattering!)

Given that my fragrances are all over the map, perhaps I can find some answers in how I wear fragrance and thus my fragrance "Personal Style". I'm prone to pick my fragrances the following ways:

1) I wake up and think, "It's an <insert whatever kind of fragrance here> day."

2) Someone or something or some place is on my mind, and I wear a particular fragrance to remind me of them/it.

3) I'm in mood x and need to be in mood z - spritz on emotion z evoking fragrance

4) Fragrance to go with a particular occasion. Don't think I'm going to wear Lonestar Memories to a wedding...

5) Match my fragrance to a particular color, texture or pattern in my outfit. Yes...I tend to wear more floral printed perfumes when I'm wearing a floral printed frock.

So...I guess I'm a lot less formulaic in my fragrance choices than my fashion choices. Less formulaic and FAR more thoughtful! Fragrance, to me, has much more suggestive and transformative powers than fashion does.

What are your thoughts dear readers? Is there a connection between your personal fashion style and your personal 'fume style? Does your clothing for the day play a role in what 'fume you'll be wearing?  How do you pick your fragrance for any particular day? Share with me in the comments.

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