Friday, August 10, 2012

Disney Forest - Andy Tauer's Pentachord Verdant

*Current Fragrance: Pentachord Verdant by Andy Tauer
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My fragrance "imagery" and/or reviews have been of a rather cinematic slant recently, so here we go: Andy Tauer's Pentachord Verdant smells like that scene/song in Disney's "Alice In Wonderland" - you know, In The Golden Afternoon (Yes, you WANT to, you NEED to follow that link!) - but it's BETTER! Why is it better you ask? Prince Eric from "The Little Mermaid" is there! I'll answer your, "Ummm....Kathleen...WHAT THE HECK?" questions after watching the In the Golden Afternoon video:

Pentachord Verdant is the most real "green" synthetic fragrance I've ever had the pleasure of smelling! I think that's where the bulk of its' charm is. I picked the "Alice in Wonderland" scene because of how deep and well....VERDANT all the lush forest background is! FORGET THE FLOWERS! They don't smell like flowers any way! You see...magical singing flowers loose their smell. They're actually cursed. The more they sing, they loose their smell, and given by how in tune and in balance the buds are, not smelling like anything. They sing, they dance, the give Alice a strange time, but THEY DON'T SMELL LIKE A THING! It's the damp, dense, chlorophyll filled background that is the olfactory star of this music video!

And then there's Prince Eric.... "Why Prince Eric?", you ask... BECAUSE I THINK HE'S THE MOST HANDSOME OF ALL THE DISNEY PRINCES & THIS IS MY BLOG, THAT'S WHY!!! Besides, Price E has such astonishing oral hygiene that me just MUST smell like mint, and I had to get the mint in there somehow. (There's mint in this fragrance...MINT I SAY!) Plus, I'm sure that there is some a bit off the smell of tobacco on him from his "old money" upbringing!

Pentachord Verdant is the most real yet still synthetic green fragrance that I've ever had the pleasure of smelling. And THAT, dear readers, is where the magic of the scent happens for me! It's just like the magic of animation, we marvel in the "unreal realness" of what the animators can create. It's like visual and olfactory twilight. That glorious space between sleeping and waking. Otherworldly, yet rooted in some bit or reality. Yup, I just said an animated crab was otherworldly: DEAL WITH IT!

In all honestly, Pentachord Verdant was one of those "love at first sniff" fragrances for me. When that happens, it's very hard for me to "accurately" describe it, so I have to describe it....umm...."poetically".

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  1. Ok, when you put it this way... I will re-test this perfume: since it can't get worse than I already think of it, the only way is up (or at least staying on the same level ;) )

    1. Oh Undina! This made me giggle and smile! Let me know what you think upon re-sniff.

  2. I love this stuff. And I think this is apt descriptive territory. Verdant is a sublimely happy fragrance for me - all pleasure from start to finish. I gave a bottle to friend I was working with for a month, and every time she wore it I felt we'd both stepped into that fantasy space together. I loved smelling it on someone else, seeing how the projection works when it isn't coming up from my own skin. It really lights up a room. I've been disappointed, for the most part, at the way people describe the Pentachords fragrances, as if they were some hoax or misstep, rather than a perfumer whose active imagination is taking him in yet another creative territory. I like all of them no less than my other favorite Tauers, and they all seem of a piece, coming from the same artistic mind. Of the three, Verdant speaks the most to me. It's definitely an animated fragrance.

    1. I've tried Verdant and White (well, I bought a full bottle of Verdant withing 5 minutes of it being on my skin.) Clearly very positive reaction to both. Need to give Amber a go in the fall.

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