Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Sweaty (Schweddy) Bands

OK, maybe the title wasn't totally necessary, but seriously...I saw an opportunity to reference Schweddy Balls, and I went with it! We're not talking about ball, however...we're talking about bands, Sweaty Bands to be exact, and why I love them! (Follow the link for a little about their story.)

Taken today, post run.
I bought my first Sweaty Band at my gym, in the spring, when I started training for my 5k (using the couch to 5k program). Additionally in the Boston area, I know they're available at both Marathon Sports and City Sports, but I'm getting ahead of myself.

My hair is rather short, here's a recent picture of the length it's been hanging out a little more than a year.

Pretty short for a pony tail, huh? Well...pretty short for a functional with running pony tail given I don't want to use a can of hair spray and a full card of bobby pins every time I run. Enter the sweaty band: heavy fabric on the top, a no-slip velvety fabric for the under side, and some elastic for the base of you neck....GENIUS!


It doesn't slip, it doesn't move, it doesn't pinch, it actually (shocker of shocker) DOES ITS JOB!

I've decided to make the Sweaty Bands my "trophies" for the 5ks that I've been doing. The pink and blue was for Spectacle Island 5k and the iridescent white shimmery thing was for the Chestnut Hill Reservoir 5k.

Now it's time to start shopping for the ones I will wear for October's events (Yes. I said eventS!!!) First, the Boston Walk for Animals and then The Blacklight Run a week later.

This is where you come in, beloved readers! Time to help me pick a Sweaty Band for each of the events!!!! All you need to do is pick one choice for Boston Walk for Animals and one for The Blacklight Run, and tell me your two choices in the comments. Simple, huh?!?!? Here are there choices....

For Boston Walk for Animals.... 1) Bite Me in green and pink, 2) Slow and Steady Wins the Race in green and blue, 3) Rabbits or 4) This Little Piggy.

For The Blacklight Run... 1) Strut Your Stuff, 2) Ghost in the Graveyard, 3) Out of This World, 4) Fabulosity in Gold or 4) Getting Groovy in black, yellow, pink, and blue.

Just so you know, you'll have until Sunday, September 8th to put in you comments. Happy choosing for me! :-D


  1. I say getting groovy and either bite me or piggy. That one's too close to call!

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