Monday, December 19, 2011

[S]he is Not Yet Dead!

*Currently Listening: "Your Love" by the Outfield
*Current Perfume: Ummmm....I've been awake for all of 15 minutes, so nooo... ;-)

Please don't worry! (Because I KNOW you were!) I didn't slip in a post holiday party "cool-aid" stoop-er, knock over one of my perfume bottles and the shards cutting me in the jugular, causing me to bleed out.... No, just the Holiday-tide retail rush, coupled with a weekend of Holiday Merriment, I've been a bit behind the 8-ball when it comes the posting something worthwhile on NDC#5. I don't work until 3, so I promise something good and retro (read mostly 80's) tinged then. Until that about a little Monty Python for your early Monday? Here you go:

*Currently Listening: "Popmuzik" by M

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