Monday, December 26, 2011

NDC#5 Holiday Sample Giveaway!

* Currently listening: To my 8 years old neice talk about an iPod touch * Current perfume: Nothing...but I CAN smell chocolate frosting and coffee Happy Post Holiday Haze Dear NDC#5 readers! I was going to do a lengthy blog yesterday about scents with Frankincense and Myrrh, but the holiday excitment of being in NC with Al's family took over! (That and I fell asleep at 9:30pm!) This will be the last blog of 2011! I know most perfume blogs are doing their "Best Of" lists right about now, but it seams that would be a bit silly to do as As Disassemble Charlie No. 5 has been going for all of, oooohhh less than a month; but next year WATCH OUT! :o) So, I'd like to celebrate this holiday season with NDC#5's very first giveaway drawing. Up for grab's are sample vials of Frankincense Myrrh Rose Maroc (Regina Harris), Myrrhe Ardente (Annick Goutal), Passage d'Enfer (L'Artisan); these were all the perfumes I WAS going to write about yesterday, PLUS a sample of Piment Brulant (L'Artisan). This will be the subject of the first blog from 2012; live from deep in the heart (or something) of Texas. To enter, comment below or on the facebook link or on my twitter and I'll sign you up! The entry period will close at the end of the day on Jan. 3! Some of the samples are back in Boston, so I'll have to wait until the 5th to ship. Please use this giveway as a chance to tell your friends, "hey - this blog is wicked awesome; AND she likes to give away stuff!" Again, Happy Holidays & have a champagne filled New Year! * Currently listening: More of the same

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