Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My Electric/Eclectic Truly Outrageous Youth

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Not gonna lie, big part of this blog was to have a solid excuse to post both of those videos. Plus I've been on a retro-tastic kick as of late. PLUS how fun would it be for me to remember the Ghosts of Perfume Christmas Gifts Past!?!?!

I'm pretty sure Jem and her truly outrageous self was around 1986...my sister was born then. I was OBSESSED - with both my sister and Jem & the Holograms. I think it was that Christmas that I got MY first bottle of perfume gifted to me (which I'm sure was the same perfume as millions of young girls around the world) Love's Baby Soft. WOW! The marketing slogan when it was first released in 1974 was "Because innocent is sexier than you think!" (It's like the battle cry for child molesters!!!...anyhow...) Just so I'm keeping track of a "note-count", for Baby Soft we have geranium, jasmine, rose, lavender, patchouli, vanilla, musk & others. Yuck! Photos don't want to upload, so I'll just link to this "gift set" - I'm pretty sure this is EXACTLY what I got!

I was right, Electric Youth WAS 1989! I mean, what 11 year old WOULDN'T want this!?!?! Again, pretty positive it was that gift set that I was gifted...along w/ a Barbie Ice Cream Shop toy-set-thingie... I can't for the life of me remember what Electric Youth smelled like other than pink.... Makes me think of this, Rachel Berry revelation on Glee.....

So, for the record...my version of little p "pink" (Electric Youth) is "[T]he perfume of the young generation of the early 90s. Its composition features the notes of fruits, flowers, sweets, woods and amber." Thanks fragrantica.com!

Somewhere around what I want to say.....mmmmm...Jr. High for me was Colors Perfume by Benetton. (Evidently it was released in 1987...so either I'm off on my timing, or I was just late to the Colors party).

HOLD THE PHONE! This just came on my Pandora.....

Which in turn, requires me to play this:

Aaaannnnd back to Colors: (thanks again to Fragrantica for the note breadown) Top notes are egyptian sage, neroli, french hyacinth and israeli basil; middle notes are passionfruit, tuberose, pineapple, peach, jasmine and bulgarian rose; base notes are civet, opoponax, cinese patchouli, cedar, madagascar vanilla and oakmoss.

 And finally...and it makes me cringe....just a little...that I quite clearly remember ASKING my mother for this...let's fast forward to sometime during my undergrad (when mind you, MUCH of my decision making was suspect)....Britney Spears Curious.  According to the site, Curious is "An exhilarating white floral wrapped in the sensuality of of vanilla infused musk." Contemplation, Thrill & Satisfaction...hmmmm....

Ok...I LOVED the bottle...and I really DID like the way it spelled...and I've gotta to admit, I love me some Britney! (Wait a second....it was released in 2004....I was married....I can't blame suspect decision making...) But you know what......

I wonder what smell-good-goodies will be under the tree for me this Christmas Season!?!? Oh the anticipation!!! :o)

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