Thursday, December 8, 2011

My Favorite Things...Errrr...Smells

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This is definately NOT the post I wanted to write today - Which would have had to do w/ my maternal Grandmother, Dior & Kayan people of Burma. Just not feeling it today, most likely because I'm not in the mood to put on Strauss or Edith Piaf while listening to it and sobbing away. So I'll save it for tomorrow, and we'll go w/ this....

Thinking of my Christmas list and obsessively thinking of the PERFECT thing to buy to my mother, I send her a text:

Me "Question - what kind of smells do you REALLY like?"

Mom "Butterscotch  apple pie  fruits"

Me "There are a lot of fruits in the world!"

Mom " Lol good point lemon strawberry raspberry"

Me "Ok! :-)"

Mom "Love u thanks for asking"

This morning I woke up wondering...why these smells...hmmm...? I have the butterscotch pegged, the loves it for the same reason I love the smell of figs. They remind us of her dad / my Grandpa.

Here's my list of favorite smells, I can directly peg two of them: fig (Grandpa Byrd), blackberry, coconut, rose (Grandma Bryd & roses we grew outside when I was little), jasmine, lemongrass & campfire smoke.

Question to you dear readers. What are your favorite smells?  Do you have any connection in your memory where/why they became your favorite?

Now I'm thinking of this (as well as changing the name of the post):

Going to Rhode Island tonight to watch a dear friend conduct his HS Bands' Holiday Concert, but before catching the Commuter Rail at Back Bay, I think I need to stroll through Saks and Neiman's and try to score some samples. I've got my nose out for a few particulars from Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle, By Kilian & L'Artisan Parfumeur. Come to think of it...what perfume says, "Going to a HS Holiday Concert in Rhode Island?"

Again readers..don't forget; please share your favorite smells!

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