Saturday, June 22, 2013

Top 10 Reasons..... should donate to my Swim Across America Nantasket Beach Swim: Making Waves To Fight Cancer!

10. Cancer sucks!!

9. I'm a really nice person.

8. My ray-soul-mates are asking for me to come play. I can hear them calling. What, you can't?

7. Training for this is transforming my body and my soul.

6. Donating to a cause are AWESOME, but what's more awesome is backing someones physical actions and sacrifice while raising money for something they believe in is THE AWESOME-EST!

5. Cancer still really sucks!!

4. A work weeks worth of tall coffees from Starbucks in $10.15 (USD global average). If you donate $10.15 to my swim I will GIVE YOU five coffee filters and enough coffee for one work week. I PROMISE. You must supply your own coffee pot, water, mug, electrical supply, etc....

3. Everything anyone can do to make the world a happier, healthier place is flippin' awesome!

2. Getting up on a Saturday and jumping in the Atlantic Ocean to swim a 1/2 mile to raise funding cancer research really IS something to applaud!

1. Cancer still REALLY F-ING sucks! I think people alive today would be hard pressed if they couldn't think of one way they haven't been affected by cancer.

Won't you PLEASE consider donating and help me, by making waves, to help Doctors and researchers search more more effective treatments, CURES, and helping quality of life for all patients and caregivers.

Your dollars can make both my swim dreams come true and help with MUCH NEEDED funding for cancer research.

You can reed more about why I swim and how to easily make a donation by clicking this link.

I thank you in advance for your generous support!

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