Wednesday, June 12, 2013

35K in 365(ish)

I am prone to making something Al and I have come to call "Mighty Pronouncements." I state what I'm going to do as an absolute, there is no discussion if I SHOULD do it. I just pronounce and then go about doing it. What was the first mighty pronouncement I ever remember making, you ask? Telling Al, "buy me a plane ticket, I'm packing my stuff and moving up there...tonight." That one ended up working out pretty well. See...I may seam crazy, but I actually I really smart with them.

Here's why MP's work for me. 1) I'm stubborn as an ox. (I may come across as all happy go lucky, but when it comes to something I've really gotten my mind set on..good luck on getting me to budge.) This doesn't mean that I'm close minded, I'm just stubborn...there's a difference. 2) I would rather pull out my toe nails with a pair of pliers than fail at something and have someone say, "yeah...I didn't think you could do this."

This is why I DON'T fail at MPs!

The second I might a MP, I'm already coming up with contingency plans: if this goes wrong, then do this to stay on track. As someone once told me, "there are mobiles of organization in your brain." Yep, pretty much!

I've made two Might Pronouncements since the Spectacle Island 5K on Saturday, but I'm just talking about one of them today. I'll talk about the other in a few blog posts....

Mighty Pronouncement #1: I will run one 5K ever other month for the next calendar year, finishing where I started with the Spectacle Island 5K next June.

Here's what my schedule will look like. (Remember, it's a work in progress.)

June 2013 - Spectacle Island 5K

August 2013 - Chestnut Hill Reservoir 5K (already registered)

October 2013 - Cambridge 5K Oktoberfest

December 2013 - Cambridge 5K Yulefest

February 2014 - Ummmm....I'll get back to you on that one.

April 2014 - Boston Athletic Association 5K (this one's going to be epic, and I guess emotional.)

June 2014 - Spectacle Island 5K

Why do it?

Because for me it's a challenge. Running doesn't come naturally for me. Running one 5K was a major accomplishment, so just think what an accomplishment run to SEVEN 5K's in a year!

What are my goals?

Small picture... for each race...
2) Don't be last
3) Improve your time from each race to the next

Big picture
1) Build some more character. (As if I didn't already have enough)
2) Push my body in ways it hasn't been pushed
3) Drop some more weight
4) Become more fit
5) Have some fun doing something I once thought was torturous.

Now...who wants to run some of these with me!?!?

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