Sunday, June 9, 2013

Spectacle Island 5K

It's official!!!! I (along with Reed Making Warrior) finished my (our) first 5K! I checked off all my goals as acually had fun doing it! Forgot my goals? Let me remind you....

1) Don't be last

2) No walking

3) Finish between 40 minutes and an hour

I finished at 50:04, so right in the middle.

It was a fantastic day & the weather chose to cooperate with us right at the last minute. The event was super well organized and well put together! Even more spectacular, considering that the organizers brought everything on the same ferry that RMW, the husband and myself took.

Now...sit back, relax and enjoy a tour through my day in photos.....

Waiting on the wharfs close to the Aquarium to catch our ferry to the island. Oh how New England was the weather!

Well, Reed Making Warrior's cover has been busted! Amy and I waiting for the race to start. We loved that our bib number were only 10 apart!

Heading to the start with the sky starting to clear.

Amy and I post race. Amy finished in the top 120 and was VERY pleased with her time. YAY AMY!!!!!!

A view of the Boston skyline over the Harbor and over the Spectacle Island dock.

I spotted some real life "Lobstah" fishermen setting their traps.
Just as we had boarded the ferry (AKA Whale Watching Vessel) the cloud really began to break. It made for a BEAUTIFUL ride back to the mainland.

The Husband snapped this picture as we approached Boston.

Once we disembarked, we headed to The Landing for celebratory Sam Summer's!

BEWARE!!! One CAN get sunburnt through the clouds...HELLA SUNBURNT!

I rewarded myself with a new Alex & Ani bracelet: the Champion Charm Bangle.
I really can't wait for the race to post photos from the day on their website! That'll be pretty cool!

As I said in an earlier entry....this was a big f$cking deal for me!!! I honestly could not be more proud of myself. Not that I was totally footloose and fancy free while I was runny, but I did manage to have FUN! More than fun, I was just really proud! But there was one thing I was really not prepared for....

I wasn't prepared for how emotional my husband would be when we met after I crossed the finish line. He was in tears. Al is not a tears kinda fella. Honestly...I can honestly say that I can count on one hand the number of times I've seen him cry in the almost 11 years we've been married. Al only cries when, "sh^t gets reall"...good or bad. Needless to say I was really, really touched! I remember telling him, "no, stop, or I'll REALLY get started!" You see, I'm an uber crier.

I was really, really touched though. It was in that moment that I REALLY knew that Al understood just how much that whole thing meant to me.

Kathleen, "What's next?"
 I'm already registered for my next 5K and it's VERY close to home, but more on that in an upcoming entry.

For now though, it's all about swimming as I get ready for my 1/2 Mile Open Water Swim Across American event at Nantasket Beach in Hull, MA. Won't you please consider to make a donation as we swim to "make waves to fight cancer."


  1. HUGE congratulations to you! I have never been in an official 5k. They have them around base sometimes to promote family fitness and I have walked and jog/walked a few, but never run one. Part of me really wants to and then there is that part of me that hates to run and knows it hurts.... so kudos. HUGE kudos to you! Also- a little personal I know, but what kind of running bra did you get? Asking because (although I am not that endowed) I really hate the bouncy sensation when I am running. I like to feel like they are all tucked in tight.

  2. Thanks so much Jennifer!!! I mean, it wasn't a COMFORTABLE run, but I felt such a sense of accomplishment once I was done. As for a sports, what I ended up doing was wearing a regular soft cup bra with a moderately supportive sports bra over it. (A trick I learned from my sister.) I used TONS of Body Glide too. I'll be looking for something that goes higher up for my next one. Also some sort of compression top that goes down past my waist. That would be nice. I have a pair of running shorts that I LOVE!

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