Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Fifty + A Metaphorical Carrot

Life never happens exactly the way you plan it to. As humans, I think we know this...the something comes along and SMACK! We are reminded in the most surreal of ways. My loosing 50 pounds certainly falls into that category.

I had to work to hit 50. Up to 45...really wasn't that bad, but I had been trying to loose that last 5 pounds to 50 for about four weeks. I imagined there to be a good deal of jumping up and down and screaming and cheering when I hit this milestone. I mean...come on, I've lost 1/2 of Kate Moss.

But that's not the way things happened....

I weight myself on Friday. For those of you that aren't regular readers or don't know where I live...that's the important part of the story: I live in Boston. Friday I was "Sheltered In Place" as the events of tracking down Bomber #2 unfolded.

I'll write more about the events of Friday in a later blog. Today is my first day off since Friday happened, and in all honesty, I need a little break. I work around the corner from the first of the bombings, so you can see that it's permeated my life in a very real way.

Yeah... I was expecting sparklers, and glitter, and puppies nuzzling me to cheer my on with my big accomplishment. Again...HALF A KATE MOSS.

I quietly cheered for a little while and shared the moment with Al. I texted my Mom  - that string of texts included weight loss, clothes, goats, and SWAT teams and bombing suspects....BIZARRE. Later in the day I made a post on Facebook about the 50 pounds being "official", but it still felt strange because we were still sheltered in place.

You want to be excited, but you also want to be respectful, reverent and not a douche bag.

I don't think there's anything in etiquette books called: "How To Properly Talk On Social Media About Your Weight Loss Milestone While Sheltered In You Apartment While There Is a 19 Year Old Terrorist Bomber On The Loose".

I sometimes I silly for the need to make such a big deal about the 50 pounds. But again, HALF A KATE MOSS!

So I went on and had a busy/good/bizarre weekend. Life in Boston isn't exactly "normal" right now, so it's foolish of my to pretend that it was "just another weekend in Boston".

Yesterday was gross and cold and rainy...BUT, I did get an hour break. I took myself to Alex and Ani to buy one part of my little present to self: a mermaid bangle!

Hey! We kind of have the same figure: big boobs, curvy hips and tiny rib cage. Though I don't have a tail...yet.

I got the mermaid because I've done the majority of my exercise in the pool. The mermaid represents feminity, love and mystery. I told the girl at Alex and Ani what the bracelet was for and she was super sweet. That made me smile. I'll have to wait until my next paycheck to get the second part of my "rewards": a Kate Spade wallet.

I'll find a way to celebrate this in a more "celebratory" way, but for today here are the things I'm celebrating alongside losing 50 pounds: my city is safe and healing, Copley is open once again, and I' have an ENTIRE day of me time and I'm staying in Brighton/Brookline for all of the day!

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