Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Deep Thoughts With Don Draper

"But what is happiness? It's a moment before you want more happiness." - Don Draper (Man Men)

With the season premiere coming up this Sunday, I'm on a bit of a Mad Men bender. (There are TOTALLY worse things, right?) I've got to say, this quote from the Season 5 finale hits the nail right on the head. I was psyched about my recently weight loss...for about a hot second (OK, solid two weeks), and then it was like , "Oh that happened. Why the hell can't I loose more!?!? I want to loose MORE...NOW!" I guess this predicament is part of the human condition. Wise words, Mr. Draper...wise words.

Expect another Mad Men-esque post or two before the season premiere on Sunday. It's my favorite show on television. I mean...come on, Jon Freaking Hamm!?!?! The ladies and a good portion of the gentlemen of the world collectively swoon for you. (Go read the current Rolling Stone article. You'll like him even more.)

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