Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Body Envy

Hello, my name is Kathleen and I will always (sort of very dramatic surgery) have big boobs! There...I said it. While they have gotten significantly smaller in this process, they're never going to really go away. I will never, ever be small chested. So, I need to start being realistic about my expectations. Part of loosing weight is about embracing the figure you were given at any size. I cannot swim, spin, run, sit up or anything else away the fact that I am more buxom. I actually like the fact that I am more on the curvy side. I can be healthy and still be curvy. I really do think that "curvy" doesn't have to equal "fat". Ms. Hendricks...will you please demonstrate what I mean?

How delightful, buxom and beautiful is she!?!? It's not about the butt like it is Kim K., J. Lo, or Sofia Vergara. It's about the breasts and the waistline. While I know I can never have the same exact body as someone else. It's great to have a visual to shoot for and remind myself that sometimes it's OK to wear a cleavage bearing dress because I want to and because it's beautiful! Speaking of....one or two more dress sizes, I'll be wearing this GORGEOUS cleavage bearing dress!

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