Tuesday, October 16, 2012

On Meeting Kilian

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Kilian Hennessy and I.

It has been exactly eleven months and sixteen dasy since I fell head over heals for my beloved Liaisons Dangereuses, so you can imagine my delight when my favorite SAKS SA Ellen let me know that Kilian Hennessy would be visiting my local SAKS. SIGN ME UP!!!!! (I would actually go TOTAL FAN GIRL if I ever had to opportunity to meet its perfumer, Calice Becker...TOTAL FAN GIRL!)

As with any good thing in this world, there has to be considerable effort put into whatever "It" it is. In this case, it was the choice of outfit (I went with black jersey shirt-dress, avocado green scarf, aubergine lightweight cardigan, new Tory Burch black flats, Dior purse and a few spritzed of Liaisons Dangereuses), and the COMMUTE IN FROM HELL! This commute ended in my train breaking down four stops from my house and my having to hail a cab. I should mention that the cabbie asked me if the SAKS I was going to was uptown or downtown. EVERYTHING is downtown from where I live. *shakes head*

My appointment to meet Mr. Hennessy was the first of the day at 10am (I DID have to work at noon....). I actually really love department stores that early in the morning. The beauty of all the merchandise in a not-yet-touched by the masses setting. I find it oh-so-civilized!! Plus, I think it reminds me of shopping on Saturday morning with my Grandma Byrd and Aunt Lou.

In the Garden of Good and Evil: A modern metaphor of the myth of the original sin.
Kilian himself was delightful to chat with, not to mention VERY easy on the eyes! (I felt like a little school girl at times, but did my best to reign it it.) I could have let myself drown in his accent: French plus something else in there that I couldn't put my finger on, but it was definitely delectable. We chatted about all of the series (if you will) that he has done, spending the majority of the (no in Pre-Sale) In the Garden of Good and Evil.

I really enjoyed talking through all the details with him. Like it is the calligraphers symbol on the front of the box (I think it was the box) of both Water Calligraphy and Bamboo Harmony, to changing the color for In the Garden of Good and Evil from black to white to make things pure. The new etching on the side of the bottle is lovely. He explained in in detail the symbolism of each pre-sale, I wish I could remember everything; I should have recorded, but that seamed invasive. I DO remember that he got particularly animated about the top of the etching with the snakes in a heart around the apple.

I'm very excited about the scents!! I thought to myself going in, "If they're based off the Garden of Eden, there's an apple...and apple means fruit. Perhaps we're going to get more Byredo's Pulp-esque and less Raspberry Hoe Juice!" When Kilian started talking about the fruit accords and wanting them to come across as luxurious and well done, I wanted to throw my arms around him and give him a bit hug. Well, that and he smelled and sounded DELICIOUS (he was wearing In the City of Sin); however discretion was the better part of valor and I just wholeheartedly agreed. See...I DO have some shreds of self control, people! ;-)

I will pen a review of all three of the fragrances, which I like very much, but not today. I will say this: if Malle has his Carnal Flower - these will be Kilian's "Carnal Fruits". That, and some DELICIOUSLY effective use of honey - but it never goes in gourmand territory on me. I am also IN LOVE with added detail of the "box" for the perfume be a snake embellished clutch. I LOVE snake accessories! Also, if you know me, even just a little, you know that after perfume comes purses. I WILL be buying a bottle of either Good Girl Gone Bad or Forbidden Games!

Signing my candle. Perfection. Seriously, could anything ever go wrong at SAKS? Audrey can have her Tiffany's.
For my purchase for Kilian to sign, I chose a Back to Black candle. I figured its honeyed tobacco was something that Al and I could both enjoy as the weather turns more and more into the weather of the three C's: cuddle, candle, and cocoa! New England, you're the best!

Yesterday was not the best of days for me. My carpal tunnel (which hadn't bothered me in a year and a 1/2) decided to act up in my dominant hand and I worse my brace to work which made for a pretty interesting day. I got home and was greeted by with Al with, "you have a box from Texas and some mail from I think France."

It in fact WAS mail from France! You should go like the Kilian Facebook page. That way you'll get mail from France for the next release!

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  1. I got my samples in the mail yesterday too! I wore Forbidden Games today. It is so interesting. Can't wait to hear your thoughts on the fragrances. I really love the white packaging more than the black!

    1. I wore God Girl Gone bad all day yesterday and was in LOVE! There will be full reviews of all three over the coarse of the next month! I do think the packaging is beautiful. I need that clutch! I have a bracelet it'll match PERFECTLY!

  2. I got mine yesterday too! Tried Good Girl Gone Bad last night and In the City of Sin today. I loved GGGB except that the musk is awfully strong on me and lasted through this afternoon, even after a shower. I'd rather have a little less incense in In the City as well. But the fruit scents are fantastic and sophisticated rather than girly--very nice!

    Oh, and SO JEALOUS you got to meet Kilian! That must have been awesome!


    1. Maybe the musk reads different of me in GGGB, it's like the glorious "dirty honey" that stuck (oh...keeping that pun, PUN INTENDED) on me for quite some time. I'll have time to contemplate CoS on Friday!

      I think the fruits are done so well. Nice to have more well done fruits on the market.

      He WAS pretty swoon-worthy.

  3. I really like this new collection and can see one of the bottles in my collection. I still haven't got my samples but hope to get them soon.