Monday, October 22, 2012

L'Eau Pour Le Cheveux Nouveaux

*Current Fragrance: The Smell of Freedom from Gorilla Perfume
*Currently Listening: Man In The Box by Alice in Chains.

I hope my bad French is correct-ish! Nonetheless, buh-bye red, and hello (what I am calling) mocha!

I went from caca rouge to caca noir yesterday! I wanted something dark and different for deep Fall/ Winter. Maybe taking a bit of off from the red will make me a little less fiery and temperamental and more sophisticated and mysterious. (Here's hoping.)

Hoping for a Patti Labelle-esque "New Attitude" - I think my new do requires some new fragrances to contemplate/highlight its hued qualities. Please offer up your suggestions and why in the comments. I might even have a little present for the one I end up liking the most!

I will say, this new do has had me feeling very Back to Black already, which I'm planning on picking up tomorrow. :)

*Currently Listening: Glycerine by Bush
**All photos my own


  1. I've done all the different iterations of red as well, from strawberry blond to a dark auburn, and you're right, there is something that feels very sophisticated about that darker shade. Two suggestions come to mind for your new hair: R├ęglisse Noir by 1000 flowers, elegant florals with a blast of black licorice, or TokyoMilk Bittersweet, which sounds a lot like its name: bitter cocoa and florals.

    1. Thanks Dionne! Those sound BEAUTIFUL! I'll have to order samples!

  2. I am in desperate need of a color (last hair appt was before I left States in July and I made an appointment here in September, but she had no openings until November!!) and am having a dilemma. I tend to like mine darker as well, but everyone else in my family likes me red. I have been dark since July 2011 and am debating to continue the trend or go back to red. The problem I am noticing is that the front of my hair is very gray now and it shows up way more with the dark than it did with the red..... I'm just gabbing now.. and I haven't decided yet. That's the problem when you have so long to think about it. I LOVE yours, though! It looks mahvelous! You know I can't offer a scent....I suck at that.

    1. Have you ever thought about doing the Henna? I'm really happy w/ its grey coverage on my noggin!