Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Metaphorical Carrots v 5.0

Yep, I've been TOTALLY slacking on these posts...and I apologize for that! Most of my "weight loss rewards" have been clothing, since I'm getting too small for all of them. Good thing I that I'm firmly NOT in plus size clothing anymore, my clothes have the ability to be A LOT CHEAPER!!! I'm talking 30% cheaper. Seriously size clothing doesn't have THAT much more fabric...the price hike is a shitty, shitty thing. Nonetheless, I'm ecstatic I don't have to deal with that anymore.

This blue dress is my new favorite dress right now! (Paired w/ the only black cardigan I own that actually fits!)

Y'all are getting to really know what my vanity looks like and judge the rest of my messy, messy bedroom. Oh well!

I got this "real green dress" to wear to Ben Folds Five/Barenaked Ladies/Guster later this month, but it's just a little too casual. (I've already got my eyes on another green dress from the Gap. WOW! I have gotten clothes from the Gap in the LONGEST time!) This dress lends itself better to a quick trip to Trader Joe's or throwing over my bathing suit to go to the gym. The cardigan is already one of my most favorite things in my wardrobe and I honestly could have ordered it a size down. It's this paper weight t-shirt material, and I love it.

All new clothing, per usual, is from Old Navy. Carrots...NOMZ! Even if they're metaphorical!

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